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Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Himalayan Garden: Growing Plants from the Roof of the World

Jermyn writes for sophisticated gardeners who long to grow great drifts of rare blue poppies, and those discriminating green thumbs known to yearn for unusual primulas. Jermyn's combined expertise and fascination with the subject of cultivating species indigenous to the Himalayas result in a manual filled with highly specific advice and instructive growing tips. Determined gardeners are provided with horticultural practices and procedures aimed at achieving successful results when they embark upon cultivating coveted alpine specimens. Focusing on alpines that thrive in woodland and rock garden situations, Jermyn explains exactly how gardeners living at low altitudes can create appropriate habitats for a range of flora customarily found at high altitudes. Replete with color photographs, this effective resource may intensify the trend toward growing newly introduced and more familiar Himalayan plants

320 pages

Language: English

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