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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mathematics: The Mathematical Society of Japan 2nd Edition

The Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mathematics, as put out by the Mathematical Society of Japan, is as complete and comprehensive an opus as one could wish for, concisely comprising in its two volumes all significant mathematical results, both pure and applied, elementary to advanced. This second edition is, basically, an English version of the acclaimed Japanese third edition. The EDM2, as it is known, succinctly but thoroughly covers math from A to Z, from Niels Henrik Abel and Abelian groups to Witt vectors and Zeta functions. Within its 2,000-plus pages are elegant explanations of diffusion processes, Fourier series, linear operators, and meromorphic functions. There are pages dedicated to quadratic fields and robust and nonparametric methods, and following each section, all the relevant references are listed. In addition, there are appendices with tables of formulas, numerical tables, and statistical tables, journals, publishers, and special notations, articles listed both systematically and alphabetically, plus a name index and an exhaustive subject index that's 231 pages long. It is a quality product--easily accessible, adhering to rigorous standards, and worth the investment for any school or personal math library. 

Product Description

The second edition of the widely acclaimed Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mathematics was published in 1987 and is now available in paperback. It includes 70 new articles, particularly in applied mathematics, expanded explanations and appendices, coverage of recent work, and reorganization of older topics.
2168 pages

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